Additional Services 
• Birthday Party -  
    Who betteer to help celebrate your child's birthday than the fun and enthusiastic master at our school? 
    The party includes a higi energy class , Breaking board & game.  Make your reservations early!     

• Demonstrations -  

    Demonstrations and group trial lessons are available upon request.
    Please see an  master if you are interested in a performance for school,church,scouts, or  special groups.  

• Children with Special Needs Welcome
Improve Focus, Courtesy, Respect, Discipline, Self Control

• Community Focused
• Family Fun Nights
• Parent’s Nights Out
• Learn Self Defense 

​​​Olympic Taekwondo AcademY

136 Elm Street Cheshire CT 06410 

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Courtesy - Integrity - Perseverance - Self Control - Indomitable Spirit

Olympic Taekwondo Academy

136 Elm Street Cheshire, CT 06410
( The Watch Factory Shoppes )
(203) 651-0270

Olympic Taekwondo Academy is member of the 
World Taekwondo Federation