136 Elm Street Cheshire CT 06410 

​(The Watch Factory Shoppes )


•Dojang:  Do (道) means 'the way' or 'art' and Jang (場) means 'a place'

Our dojang is a 3000 square foot facility on two floors of a free standing building in the Watch Factory Shoppes in the center of Cheshire, CT.

The first floor is 1500 square feet of open space for classes and sparring.  The second floor, contains 800 square feet of workout area, an office, changing room, and a large sitting area.
We offer free Wi-Fi for your computer or mobile devices, a 40" high definition television that broadcasts live video from the first floor and has access to on demand programming.  There is even a play area for our future masters while they wait for their family members.

In the Watch Factory Shoppes families can get a coffee, smoothies or snacks, get a massage, or shop at one of the other quality stores right next door. Within a quarter of a mile is a large supermarket, clothing stores, hardware store, post office and local library so there is plenty of time to run errands during class time.

Courtesy - Integrity - Perseverance - Self Control - Indomitable Spirit

Olympic Taekwondo Academy

136 Elm Street Cheshire, CT 06410
( The Watch Factory Shoppes )
(203) 651-0270  

Olympic Taekwondo Academy is member of the 
World Taekwondo Federation

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